the John F. Barnes Approach

Myofascial Release (also known as MFR) is a very powerful hands-on therapy which engages the fascial system (connective tissue) to help regain mobility and reduce pain by lifting restriction to the body.

By engaging the fascia for a prolonged period of time, the collagen component is activated and a phenomenon called Piezoelectricity occurs. This is when the tissue starts to elongate and restriction will start to be addressed.

What is Fascia? Fascia can be compared to a 3 dimensional spiders web, one continuous structure which connects everything in our body. It is what holds us up.

Trauma, surgery, stress and many other factors can cause this fascia to harden, bringing a huge load of pressure to pain sensitive structures (up to 2000 pounds per square inch!).

What can you expect from your treatment? Every body is different. After and intake and an assessment I will start the treatment. Through feedback and visual cues the fascia will guide us through the session. 

Will result be immediate? it can be, and sometimes it takes a few sessions in a shorter period of time to obtain more permanent results. It all depends on the person and the restrictions we are dealing with.

The video's below will give some insight regarding John F. Barnes MFR and what living fascia looks like.​


Are you constantly stressed or always exhausted and feel like life is living you, instead of the other way round?

Maybe you feel lost...or stuck in a situation which you just you can't seem to get out of.


Are things manifesting in physical ailments that can't be explained, which doctors dismissively wave off with a prescription for more pain killers, more sleep aids, more anti-inflammatories?


Chronic Pain.






And the list goes on.


It is possible you often feel alone or misunderstood...or you feel like you are okay, but something is missing and you can't put your finger on it.

Maybe you're stuck in a spiral you can't get out of.

First of all: you are not alone! Let's start with that!  

And here is the reason you are feeling like this:

It has to do with the fact that you are not living according to YOUR true core values and beliefs. You are not setting the correct boundaries for yourself.

Way too often do we live our life according to the values of others or to what we think is expected of us. We are afraid to step outside of our comfort zone and prefer to stay in it because this is what feels safe to us.

But it is far from safe if it is not giving you what you need and deserve.

BodyMind Coaching helps you shine a light on your inner wisdom and give it a voice.

It gives you the tools to step-by-step make the changes you already know you need to make.

We do this by first really getting you in tune with your own body. And this is going to be our guide to connect with your body-mind intelligence and fast-track you to living the life you are meant to live.

And that is what you will to figure out first. "What is the life you are meant to live...?"

With BodyMind Coaching we will first get to the root of your core beliefs and values, help you set healthy boundaries and learn to listen to your body: your best guide for telling you when 'something is up'. The tools for this will become the compass for guiding you the rest of your life!


Combine this with Myofascial Release Therapy (also a body-mind therapy) and discover the power of the two combined!

If you would like to know more, contact me at (+297) 592-4504 or contact me through the contact form on this site.



I am the first SoulCollage® facilitator on the island of Aruba and bring it to the island proudly.


SoulCollage® is a beautiful, fun and at the same time profound process of collaging images with which we can ultimately create our own personal deck of cards, expressing ourselves in a creative manner, and along the way discover more about who we are.

We choose these images through intuition or one can even say that the images choose us!

The images you will use come from recycled magazines and books, which we then cut or tear and finally paste onto a 5x8 inch piece of backing-board.

The cards that we create, are a reflection of various parts within ourselves: who we are, who we are guided/taught/challenged by, what is important in our lives and needs attention at a given point. We delve deeper into the cards by giving them a ‘voice’ using the ‘I am one who…’ exercise.

This process can give you insight into aspects of your personality; into things that might be holding you back; how you can feel supported in current life events. These are just a few examples!

We are all on our own path and each deck of cards will be unique.
You might not believe you are an artist. Trust me, YOU ARE!

If you can work a pair of scissors and know how to glue something you are ready to make your own SoulCollage® cards.

Please check my facilitator page at 

You may choose to have an event at home for you and your friends, this is a beautiful process for birthdays, baby showers, bachelorette parties. Should you be interested, please contact me about pricing and other details.

In the near future I shall also offer SoulCollage® in my practice combined with Myofascial Release Therapy session.


"Debby has an incredible ability to both nurture and nourish your entire body through her bodywork. Her touch is incredibly powerful and she has a unique ability to intuit what your body needs. Her caring and kind spirit match her wonderful talent as a therapist and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with her. Amazing healer and wonderful woman! "

Anita Poushan LMT, Activist


"Deb is a healer. Her knowledge and expertise as a myofascial therapist, as well as being a genuine listener has taken me on a journey of wellness. From the moment I entered her quiet respite, I felt a sense of calm and knowing I was going to feel better. The option of 3 sessions in a two week period was a great choice for me. Sessions were interactive, with Debby noting and reacting to my body’s cues. An immediate “recap” after the session allowed discussion for continuing the healing process. Deb’s follow up text a couple of days after session was also an indication of a caring professional."

Sandra. H

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