Therapeutic Expression through Imagery



When I first discovered SoulCollage® it resonated so much that 

I travelled to LA in 2018 to become a SoulCollage® facilitator.

I wanted this in my transformational tool-bag!

SoulCollage® is a beautiful, fun and at the same time profound process of collaging images with which we can ultimately create our own personal deck of cards, expressing ourselves in a creative manner, and along the way discover more about who we are.

We choose these images through intuition or one can even say that the images choose us!

The images you will use come from recycled magazines and books, which we then cut or tear and finally paste onto a 5x8 inch piece of backing-board.

The cards that we create, are a reflection of various parts within ourselves: who we are, who we are guided/taught/challenged by, what is important in our lives and needs attention at a given point. We delve deeper into the cards by giving them a ‘voice’ using the ‘I am one who…’ exercise.

This process can give you insight into aspects of your personality; into things that might be holding you back; how you can feel supported in current life events. These are just a few examples!

We are all on our own path and each deck of cards will be unique.
You might not believe you are an artist. Trust me, YOU ARE!

If you can work a pair of scissors and know how to glue something you are ready to make your own SoulCollage® cards.

I offer private SoulCollage®events in the comfort of your own home, for groups of maximum 6 women (no children under 16).

This is a beautiful process to experience with others and perfect for birthdays, babyshowers and bachelorette parties.​​

Please contact me about pricing and other details.