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"I came to Debby because I had no idea how to solve an issue I had.

Debby's approach to coaching is very different to what I know to be coaching. By connecting body and mind, I learned that I can truly rely on myself!

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is scary, but not the end of the is actually the beginning of a better life.

The answers to the issue I needed to deal with were within me all along, but to have Debby guide me and support me helped me hear that and feel safe whilst figuring it all out.

When I finally dealt with things, I felt strong and confident!  It is less and less difficult  to stand up for myself!"



"I was feeling rather 'impossible' - like a stubborn donkey that wouldn't cooperate with myself!


Debby recognized right away that my idea of what I "should" be doing wasn't hitting the mark of what I actually wanted, and what would serve me best.


Debby's ability to bring the language of the body into the conversation is unique and powerful. In my first session, she guided me through a virtual Myofascial Release treatment for my jaw, on Zoom, which was absolutely incredible.


Between appointments she kept me accountable and engaged. Debby helped me bridge the gap into feeling aligned and empowered, and I can't thank her enough!"


"Debby has an incredible ability to both nurture and nourish your entire body through her bodywork.


Her touch is incredibly powerful and she has a unique ability to intuit what your body needs.


Her caring and kind spirit match her wonderful talent as a therapist and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with her. Amazing healer and wonderful woman!"


"I had come to a point in my life where I had lost myself a bit. I was not feeling well, felt insecure about different things, found it difficult to make choices for myself and was in my head a lot. I had the feeling that something really had to change and went looking for a coach. I soon found Debby.


I followed the 8 week BodyMind Coaching program. It was a very special, beautiful and educational experience. Through the different modules and sessions with Debby I grew a little further and felt myself getting stronger. I have received many tools that I still use and will continue to use.


Debby is a fantastic, sweet and warm person. I found her passion and involvement during this process very special. I am now much more in touch with myself, with who I am, with my body and from there I can make choices that are in line with who I am. I am very grateful to Debby!"


"I experience Debby as someone who is truly interested. Nothing is faked.

 She is someone I really trust. Someone who thinks along with me but allows myself to find my answers by asking the right questions. She gave me insight.


The professionalism that I find in everything, reassures me very much and the humor she knows to throw in at the right time is liberating ...


Debby makes me think deeper and further than I could do myself and that felt like a deepening and it gave me a sense of wisdom and more self-knowledge."


"I am incredibly happy that I got to know Debby about 2 years ago during a beautiful Myofascial Release workshop in Aruba where we both lived at the time.


This workshop was the start of a journey I made with her, a journey that consisted of Personal Myofascial Release treatments and Human Design Readings.


I was secretly disappointed that when I remigrated, there was no Debby in the Netherlands. Fortunately, nowadays there is the World Wide Web, which allowed our paths to cross again, this time not in real life but via a live connection.


For me, Debby is not only very sweet and lovely, but also a good coach who can bring you closer to yourself in any way whatsoever."


"Debby has been my coach through a time of major transition in my life. Her guidance has been invaluable as I’ve restructured my business and her encouragement has been a light in the path toward finding my confidence. 


Her support is genuine and consistent and has contributed greatly to my deepened sense of connection to self. She is clearly led by her intuition, guiding her to ask just the right questions or say just the thing that offers me a new perspective that was previously closed to me.


I feel very lucky to have met her and to have had the opportunity to be coached by her. I will continue to use the tools she’s taught me for many years to come!"


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