Meet Debby

Your Coach

I am a Quantum Human Design Specialist & BodyMind Coach with a solid foundation in Myofascial Release Therapy

I am also a 5/1 Time-Bender (Manifesting Generator)

Before settling down close to white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean that light up my soul, I traveled most of my life: first with my parents as a young one, then as an adult, soaking up culture and experiences (both great and not so great) and it took me forever to learn how to stop apologizing and allow myself to be me!

 All that has contributed to my personal growth and making me the person I have become today. 

Once settled, I started out as a certified massage therapist specializing in Myofascial Release, the John F. Barnes Approach. I then became a BodyMind Coach so I could impact people more profoundly and effectively in their own healing journey.

As a Quantum Human Design Specialist I help you understand your blueprint which will speed up your transformational process and so you can start living aligned with your design. 

My passion lies in guiding people to the space beyond their ‘stuckness'... a space in which they thrive and live a life that aligns with who they truly are, where they feel free to finally give themselves permission to BE the unique expression of who they are.....Unapologetically! 

Whether guiding people virtually or in office, I have a huge passion for my work, and my gift for connecting with others on a deeper level and my commitment to my clients is what sets me apart and makes me a successful coach and perfect co-pilot on your personal voyage!